.:trokaGL // ----------------------------------------------------------
dedikated to m! dzerezt annetta

:::::: an openGL based rendering object for n4+0

trokaGLpro is _ideal for live performance situations. render fast, full
screen non-tearing interpolated video to an svid/composite device while
maintaining full control over your patch.

the trokaGLdemo object is functionally equivalent to the pro version
aside from one key difference: the pro version allows you to continue
using other monitors in a multi-monitor system while trokaGL is on,
whereas the demo blanks all non-rendering monitors.

both objects accept both image.type and opengl.type data.

. openGL hardware accelerated image scaling*
. openGL hardware accelerated image interpolation*
. VBL sync'd for tear-free display*
(flicky.mov included to test this feature)
. hardware accelerated 242.gl renderer*
. source code included

* depending on graphics card capabilities
. powermac capable of 640x480, 16bit or better (all ppc
should meet this requirement)
. monitor/projector capable of 640x480
. cycling74 max[msp]
. apple drawsprockets & openGL
. nato (but not necessarily the 242.gl package)
. basic alpha channel support in image.type mode
. handy fps-o-meter (currently broken)
. cursor hiding in demo mode
. selectable output depth [16, 32] bpp
. customizable demo mode splash screen
. powermac [http://apple.com]
. max/msp [http://cycling74.com]
. nato [http://eusocial.com]
. openGL [http://www.apple.com/opengl]
. drawsprockets   [http://www.info.apple.com/support/downloads.html]
hs for the [Begin, End]FullScreen() heads up
ja & ch for non-tech support
trokaGL is distributed under the mozilla public license. see the
included MPL-1.1.txt file for more information.

copyright (c) 2002 princess_katya
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